We believe that martial arts training should be FIT, FUN, AND FUNCTIONAL.  The training should be FIT in that the workouts should help students to become more healthy, achieve better conditioning, and enhance their overall fitness.  The training should also be FUN in that classes should be fun and enjoyable.  Finally, the training should result in the development of FUNCTIONAL SKILLS, that is, skills which students can actually use for self-defense.

Toward these goals, we employ specialized training methods and equipment that are designed to strengthen a student’s fitness, conditioning, and martial art abilities.  In the majority of classes, focus mitts and sometimes Thai pads are used so that students can develop power, speed, accuracy, and use of distance.  We use kali/escrima sticks and safe training knives to help students learn how to deal with blunt and sharp weapons, with an emphasis on learning proper footwork, zoning, defenses, timing, and distance.  These training methods are not just for the young and athletic, but can help the average person become more fit and confident in a short amount of time.

While we want students to develop useful skills that they can apply in real self-defense situations, we also want students to enjoy what they are doing and learning.  Thus, we generally shun the military, drill-sergeant, fear-based type of approach, as well as the more traditional, authoritarian master/student way of training.  Instead, we provide an informal, relaxed, and safe atmosphere where students can obtain a good workout within a structured, disciplined learning environment.


The art that we teach is Armas-Kali. Armas-Kali was developed by Sensei-Guro T. Kent Nelson.

Literally translated it means “Weapon Hand Motion”  It is his own personal interpretation and arrangement of the material he has learned over years of study in the Filipino Martial Arts.

The art consists of Slashing, Thrusting, Hacking, Striking, Disarms, Trapping, Locks & Tie-Ups.  Students will learn all these elments as well as develop coordination, timing, range, foot & body movement, speed, power and grace.

Some of the Training Weapons of Armas-Kali are:
Single Stick, Double Stick, Single Knife, Double Knife, Stick & Knife Combination, Single Sword, Double Sword Staff, Sarong/Malong and Karambit.

Guro Kent has had multiple teachers and influences in this area.

The largest contributor to the Armas-Kali is the “Inosanto-LaCoste Blend”.  Most of his knowledge & training has come through his own personal research,  over 200 seminar hours with Guro Dan Inosanto himself, and consistent private instruction under Sifu David Hatch (Full Instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto).

Guro T. Kent Nelson & Filipino Martial Arts expert Guro Dan Inosanto.