Guro Martin Johnson

Guro Martin Johnson & Filipino Martial Arts expert Guro Dan Inosanto

Martin Johnson has devoted over 20 years of his life to the Martial Arts. He has received rank and still trains in multiple different systems such as Kali, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Silat, and Shaolin Kung Fu.

Martin Johnson began his training in the martial arts in 1986 and has been actively teaching since 1994.  Martin first studied Shaolin Gung Fu with Bruce Ledger at the Shaolin Temple in Cleveland Ohio. After six years of training at the Temple of Shoalin Martin began and finished his Tae Kwon Do training at Kim’s Martial Arts School in Mayfield Ohio.

In the summer 1994 Martin opened The Fighting Dragon Academy and began teaching Tae Kwon Do in Maple Heights.  The Fighting Dragon Academy produced several tournament champions.

In the fall of 1994 Martin began studying the Filipino art of Kali under Punong Guro Tony Marcial.  Guro Tony studied Kali in the Philippines under Punong Guro Roberto Sarmiento and In 1998, Guro Tony Marcial  was inducted into the Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Martin continues to study with Guro Tony on a limited basis to further his knowledge of Guro Tony’

s system of kali which is called Marcial Tirada.  Marcial Tirada is a composite of different Kali styles taught primarily in the Pangasinan region of The Philippines.  Marcial Tirada Kali offers efficient and practical self-defense principles and techniques with both empty hands and the blade.

Martin further enhanced his knowledge and understanding of the art of Kali with training sessions with well known martial arts author and master Edgar Sultie founder of Lameco Eskrima, Bruce Lee’

s student Sifu Larry Hartsell, and studied Silat with Mark Harrell.  Martin rounded out his personal training with knife fighting instruction from Master At Arms James Keating.

Since 2007 Martin’s main focus has been teaching instructors, students and MMA fighters how to integrate Kali into their training.  The result of years of research and development, Martin’s Kali program consists of simple, direct, quickly learned principles and drills that help people along the path of discovery of how Kali and other arts like it can help to broaden one’s understanding of most any martial art.

Martin and Guru

Guro Martin Johnson and Sensei-Guro T. Kent Nelson